Towable Tubes

Water towable tubes are essential to a true watersport experience and family fun. We offer rides with inflatables of different sizes and shapes.

Sofas-you sit down inside of the towable. The sofas we use have seats with neoprene cushions and a low center of gravity. The result is the feeling of comfort and safety along with the excitement of gliding on the water. They are suitable for any age and the best option for young children.

For more extreme experience, there is the Slider –flat inflatable where you lie on your chest and feel right into the action. The rider takes an active part and balance is crucial-ideal for thrill-seekers looking for a little bit of challenge. Here comes and the round tube or “the donut”. Definitely not the most comfortable or easy-to-learn option, but appealing in its own way. Bumping into one another and randomly changing directions has always been fun after all

All of our tubes are made of high-quality materials , and for professional use:

  • PVC waterproof bottom for better sliding,
  • Soft neoprene cover forcomfort and protection against skin chaffing for the seats and in areas of high-rub,
  • Lots of safety handles for better grab.

At BAREFOOT safety is a top priority. Our captain has a lot of experience and holds all the required licenses. We always follow the manufacturer’s limits and specifications regarding the number of riders, the rope type, maximum size and weight, and recommended top speed. Everybody gets a life jacket and a few safety tips before going into the water.

The boat we use is a 225HP Poseidon Blue Water 640. It is reliable, made in 2020,properly equipped for towing, and meets all the legal requirements.

At the station you can always share with us your personal preferences and together, we will find the best option for you. Exciting, unforgettable, and yet safe, experience for everyone is what we are aiming for.


1 person
(min. 2 persons)

Jet Ski

Relaxed exploration of the sea or an exciting fast ride-it is up to you!

We offer two Sea-Doo jet skis to our customers -2019 130HP and 2020 230HP. The former is fast enough to meet most people needs, and the latter just brings the thrill to a whole new level.

  • The modern hull design makes them stable and predictable, and offer a smooth ride.
  • The Sea-Doo exclusive iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) system stops the watercraft sooner and provides more control at low speeds.
  • Both jet skis are equipped with a Quick Stop safety switch and a remote control stop function.

For additional safety there is the OtoTrack GPS System. It comes with Intelligent Distance Control System that automatically controls the distance between the jet skis and reduces their speed, so the drivers understand they are too close to each other. It also helps for the safety of the swimmers and the other tourists as it allows us to define driving zones and rules. Speed is limited in the area next to the beach and full throttle possible only at a certain distance from the shore.


Sea-Doo 130hp
(1 or 2 persons)


Sea-Doo 230hp
(1 or 2 persons)


In theory, the Flyboard is just a bolt-on device that is attached to a jet ski and water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath. In reality it is one of the coolest inventions ever. It gives you the ability to fly like a superhero or swim like a dolphin.

Although Flyboarding is unlike anything else you have tried, it is relatively easy to learn-most people pick it up within 15-20 minutes. Safety briefing, protective gear and always one-on-one sessions with constant guidance from our instructors help for an exciting and yet safe experience.

We use the latest Zapata Flyboard Pro Series attached to a 2020 Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230HP. This is a combination good enough even for advanced riders who want to fly higher or master a new skill.

Enjoy the feeling of power and freedom!


1 Lesson
(1 person)


1 Session
(1 person)

Pedal Boat

Simply the classic! Pedal boats have a special place in everybody’s childhood memories. Enjoyable and relaxing for adults and a lot of fun for kids, it is a great family pastime.

Our pedal boats are made in Italy using ecological materials and with top notch safety in mind. (Each one is equipped with a floating device that makes it unsinkable even in case hull breaks.) They are comfortable , easy to pedal and steer, and last but not least, they have a slide!

We are in cooperation with Portes Lithos Luxury Resort and Portes Beach Hotel, and some of our pedal boats are part of their all-inclusive system.


4 person Pedal Boat
(1 or 4 persons)


4 person Pedal Boat (with slide)
(1 or 4 persons)


Waterski & Wakeboard

Being pulled behind a motorboat across the water with the wind in your hair is definitely a great feeling. Waterskiing has about a century’s worth of history and it is one of the “traditional” worldwide favorite watersports.

Wakeboarding on the other hand is much newer, but it is also the fastest growing watersport. It has roots in surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, and has become extremely popular among young people who go against convention.

At AQUARIDE watersports we are ready to offer an amasing water ski or wakeboard experience for both beginners and advanced riders.

  • Certified instructors
  • Quality equipment in excellent condition
  • Powerful boat with a tower and a boom installed

All of our lessons and sessions are coached one-on-one, tailored to your personal needs and skill level. Please note that lessons are conducted in the morning (usually the best conditions are at this time) by appointment only.


1 Lesson
(1 person)


1 Session
(1 person)

Canoe (Kayak)

Paddling is a great vacation activity for both adults and children. It is an exciting way to enjoy your surroundings and feel closer to nature.

We offer single and double “sit on top” kayaks. They are :

  • easy to paddle,
  • maneuverable,
  • very stable.

The open top allows you to get on and off the kayak with less effort, and the additional seat cushions and backrests offer more comfort while paddling.

You don’t have to be an athlete or to have excellent balance-just get on and get going!

We are in cooperation with Portes Lithos Luxury Resort and Portes Beach Hotel, and our canoes (kayaks) are part of their all-inclusive system.


Single Canoe
(1 person)


Double Canoe
(2 persons)



It is very relaxing and helps you escape from the stress of everyday life and forget your worries. Stand Up Paddleboarding is also a great all-round body workout that will tone you up and make you feel better. It is not difficult to learn and almost everybody can do some form of paddleboarding.” – this is what Plamen, one of the owners ,says about his favorite sport.

We offer paddleboards that are perfect for beginners – wide and stable, with full padding on top. The more experienced can enjoy a session on our Naish Javelin race board.

Every board comes with an adjustable paddle and a safety leash. A few helpful tips and you are ready to go!


Allround Board
(1 or 2 person)


Race Board
(1 or 2 person)

30HP Boat Rental

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the nearby headland, or how the shore look like observed from the sea?

Satisfy your curiosity by renting our new 30HP Poseidon R455 boat!

  • Reliable, made in 2020,  Evinrude engine
  • Smooth ride and comfortable cushions
  • Deep cockpit design and supportive rails for better safety
  • Swimming platforms with swim ladder for effortless and secure access to the boat
  • Big windscreen and a sun tent for protection from the elements

But probably the best part is how easy it is to drive! There is no need of a license-you just have to follow the operating and safety instructions given by our team.


Fuel included, No license needed                (Max. 4 persons)


225HP Boat Rental


Explore Kassandra’s beautiful shoreline, where crystal clear turquoise waters meet evergreen pine forests. Enjoy its picturesque headlands , enchanting bays and coves, and secluded sandy beaches.

Our boat trips offer a unique experience tailored to your personal preferences. We will be happy to recommend you places worth seeing, and once you make a choice, our captain will take care of the rest.

The boat we use is a Poseidon Blu Water 640. It is made in 2020 ,and comes with a lot of features that make for a pleasant and safe travel.

    • Deep-V hull for a smooth ride even in choppy water
    • Comfortable marine grade vinyl seats and cushions
    • Spacious bow that also converts into a sun lounge, or a dining area with a table for four
    • Ease of movement about the boat and plenty of handrails for better safety
    • Swim platforms with integrated swim ladder, for safe and easy access in and out of the water.

In addition, we have mounted a 225HP Evinrude E-TEC G2 engine. Using a cutting-edge technology it is not only reliable and powerful, but also eco-friendly. Its reportable emissions are lower than any other combustion engine in its class and it is “The only outboard to be 100% Global Emissions Compliant”.

Book a trip at any of our stations or call us and turn a normal day into a lifetime experience!


Fuel included, with captain                         (Max. 5 persons)

Fishing Trip

Fishing is a wonderful outdoor activity. It gives you the chance to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in the sea, but also the challenge and excitement of catching a fish. Fishing brings friends and families together, and teaches children independence, perseverance, and patience. And last but not least, everybody knows how delicious a fresh-caught fish can be.

At BAREFOOT we offer an amasing fishing experience for both beginners and experienced anglers. Our quality fishing gear is always in great condition and you can use it free of extra charge. Forget about the crowds of strangers-our Fishing trips are private charters where everybody gets the free space and the personal attention he deserves.

We use a Quicksilver 605 Pilothouse boat designed specifically for fishing and with safety in mind.

  • High freeboards and plenty of space in the cockpit
  • Safety rails and fast accessibility to all areas of the boat
  • Rod holders with sockets for electric reels
  • Built in lockers to store your catch

Looking for the best spot is easy with the Lowrance HDS LIVE fish finder, and the MotorGuide GPS anchor will automatically hold the boat in place while you concentrate on the fish.

Please note that you will need a reservation, and also that the best time to go fishing is usually early in the morning.


Fishing trip               

(Duration 3 hours, Fuel and Fishing gear included, with Captain)

Contact and ask about more details

Contact and feel free
to ask about more details